9 comments on “Location, Location, Location

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  2. ” …You just new, before …”

    Shouldn’t that be: “..You just KNEW, before …”, Constable Dumb-Ass?

    (Oh, by the way Sweetie, you really shouldn’t put a comma before a preposition either but hey… what does one expect from some graduate failure who only drifted into the police because it was the only place with standards low enough to accept them)?

  3. “to accept them”…graduate failure is singular, therefore, that should be “to accept him or her” you idiot.

  4. Abstract third person collective … so I guess it’s double dumb-ass on you, eh Sweetie?

    I notice though that you assiduously avoid the central point. So what was it that you actually did, Graduate Failure? Media Studies, sociology……?

    Do you sometimes wish that you’d taken that job in the call-centre, or security officer at Argos or whatever, after all?

  5. Constable Clott… where are you mate?

    There are some kids hanging around outside our chip shop!!! Please, fearless crime-fghter, please come and save us!!!

    (Cue the vapour trail and “pop” of imploded air into a cuntstable-shaped vacuum, as our friend “Clotty” rapidly exits the scene)

  6. A dead parrot…

    … may his mangled syntax and graduate failure lack of understanding of the English language also rest in peace beside him.

    (Look out Cuntstable….. a dastardly crime is being committed in the Lakeside shopping mall!!!!!! )

  7. CUNTstable, CUNTstable…. where are you, cunstable kaos?

    There is crime in Kent

    Where are you ?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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