7 comments on “It’s All A Dream ….

  1. well, i definitely cant join the met now whether i want to make a difference “darn sarf” or not coz im a tattooed hooligan. Must be the cheap wine they sold at training school!

  2. An interesting article. I would have to dispute a couple of points though. Your gentle swipe at social workers etc. first social services are a 24 hour service ( emergency duty teams for each borough) second I don’t finish at 5 on the dot. My schedule is often dictated by the clients so I may find myself conducting visits either at 7 am or in some cases 7 pm or later. I understand the police ate there 24 hours a day but not the same officers surely ?!

  3. charlie have you ever thought about writing a book because i would most definitely buy it as you write so thoughtfully and from the heart

  4. Nail on the head springs to mind!! They don’t have a clue. Several months ago I spent a day writing and rewriting a letter to the PM and DEP PM pointing out these exact issues. A month later their replies came in their posh embossed envelopes. They might as well have written “dear common person – go away, we have no interest”. look at the marches yesterday, hundreds of thousands took part yet it was skimmed over quickly in the news. There is more coverage of other country’s marches, this government has it all sewn up. They control everything!!! Never thought I would be so jaded but time to face facts I think 😦

  5. Two points which are conspicuously absent:

    Many generally law abiding people – who are, as you say, far in majority – usually encounter police during motoring offences. It’s certianly the only time I have been investigated by the police, although I suppose that’s not actually arrest so it’s not the same as other crimes.

    The article also suggests that teh police are always good and helpful and just misunderstood. Most cops I have come across are to some degree officious. My local force are usually quite helpful and don’t simply ignore minor crime as you hear from some parts of the country, but the one gripe I do have is that they set up speed traps to catch motorists in places where they are likely to misjudge their speed or the limit, as if raising ‘lunch money’.

    In some areas the character of the police force has become much worse: ignoring crime because they have not just had a politically correct finger pushed in their pie, they’ve actually been convinced that the PC zeitgeist is correct. We saw a horrifying manifestation of this when the GMP and South Yorkshire force failed to deal with sex abuse, apparently because the offenders were Pakistani Muslims.

    Meanwhile, when the BNP (rightly) condemned them and the perpetrators, their Merseyside colleagues appeared to trump up offences against them: Cllr Jefferson was arrested for ‘leaving the proper place of protest’ apparently as a means of getting him out of a demonstration. He was inevitably released, but I heard police had also broken down the door of another BNP member and arrested him on a fraud related offence, which I never heard the end of, but why was that not done to te child abusers? answer: political correctness. I note however that Thames Valley police seemed to manage to charge the Oxford sex traffickers without too much ado, Muslims though they were, so they showed it can be done.

    So, the police forces may be overstretched, but officers can help themselves by resisting the political correctness that their masters are trying to push onto them. If the individual officers resist the onset of this great evil, there is no way that the police can be use as state storm troops. If they accept it, the reputation of the great British policeman is doomed.

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