2 comments on “I want To Make A Complaint !!!

  1. Prob. thought dealing with a complaint was easier than doing what he should be doing and dealing with crime.Nothing changes when I was in the job I came across loads who put a hell of a lot more effort into doing buggar all than doing what they are paid for.I guess not bright enough to work that one out.

  2. “Sigh”…… Okay, I’m going to use another “Back in my day” comparision here (someone swing the lights) but the Inspector’s major concern was the well-being of his troops and you’d always see him out on the street, even for a short while. Yes, he would check to make certain that you were doing what you should, and yes he’d administer a bollocking every now and then if one was required, but you could always rely on him to fight your corner. Yours sounds, sadly, as if he’s a “graduate entry” or, as we used to say, “a Bramshill Boy.”

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