2 comments on “You’re nicked …. again …. again …. again ….

  1. Was he a smackhead or just a semi-alcoholic, daily weed smoker & occasional amphetamine abuser? Hmmmm how do you go about inspiring someone like that to seek a better life? He obviously needs help. I guess it’s like how your assaulted bobby did a better job than your IT guys. Somebody else has to step in to help druggie Dave, cos currently whoever’s meant ti be helping him is doing a crap job or just missing something that might be obvious to someone else.

    • I think you make a very good point. The problem lies within the ‘system’ or rather lack of a joined up one !!

      It’s very, very frustrating to be dealing with the same few people day in, day out, knowing that they are jumping on and off the merry-go-round. But intervention and education just doesn’t seem to go hand in hand, and it doesn’t seem to stay around to have a long-term effect.

      Will ‘someone’ with the power to make those sort of decisions ever be able to join the dots that you (and many of us) can clearly see needs doing so ??

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