6 comments on “What did you do today …?

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  2. I walked back into office at with my two staff at 7.05 this morning, due off at 7am. After a few hours of paperwork and handing over to the morning crew I left at 10.15 to drive 20+ miles home – The human side of policing!

  3. Last night, I dealt with a neighbour dispute over noisy children, A domestic over child contact and a new boyfriend and a hsoptal escaper. Who I rang up on the mobile number given by the hospital. Who tehn told me she was B/Fs safe and well. Why the hospital couldn’t have done that themselves I’ve know idea! Then spent the rest of the night hunting for my new clothing locker in the station I’m moving too, only to find the key didn’t fit and I had to find somebody moving in the opposite direction who had already emptied thier locker so I could move into it. Then I had to start emailing staff office because my new shift on the system didn’t correspond with the team I’m working with!

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