3 comments on “Upstairs, Downstairs ….

  1. That was fantastic. So funny that I read it twice. Bet most cops could envisage the exact scenario happening in their forces. I remember some time ago asking firearms to borrow their ballistic shield to conduct an entry at an address where there may be in possession of a firearm. They said “This should be a firearms entry” So the question was asked “Will you do it then?” They said “Only if there is a Firearms Warrant”. We replied that there wasn’t enough for a firearms warrant, so they said “No”. Can we borrow your ballistic shield then to be on the safe side……………”This should be a firearms entry!!!!!!!”. This went round and round for some time until we gave up. The result – we went in and recovered 3 pistols (2 loaded) and a sniper rifle with silencer and scope!!!!!

  2. In order to avoid the above circumstances where naughty cops take decisions into their own hands in order to get the job done, most firearms incidents where I work are not deployed over the radio until all the book reading is complete and a decision made. If the ARV’s are deployed it is done on a secret channel we can’t listen to.

    As the sgt, if I’m looking at the screen I can see the job come in. One came in the other day, won’t bore you with the detail but it just so happened that all of my team were already at the location of the alleged firearms incident dealing with something else. Que a very difficult conversation with control. Me: err that’s where everyone is right now. Control: yes but we can’t deploy until the tac ad has made a decision. Me: yes but they’re already there. Control: Yes sarge but we cant deploy… Me: THEY ARE ALREADY THERE so can you please advise them of the contents of the call. control: Ah…..ok.

    I don’t want my team at firearms jobs, they aren’t trained or equipped for it, but I need them to at least know where the jobs are so they can make their own decision as to whether to avoid it or go to it!!

    I went to a job once where the guy wasn’t happy with police response so he lied and said a gun was involved then couldn’t understand why it took us even longer to get there!

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