8 comments on “Survivors of Domestic Abuse

  1. A first-class article that covers all of the salient points we as Trainers try to address. We are in the process of developing a networking group for people employed in Education-the impacts of DV on kids is truly toxic and we’re hoping that SODA will contribute to increasing the understanding of this for teachers, mentors, classroom assistants and volunteer helpers.
    We have trained Human Resource professionals (see out Blog) and have emphasised the type of support they might give and actions they should and should definitely not take when an employee discloses.

  2. As a victim of domestic abuse I agree that there is support to get relationships back on track, but not all abuse is physical. The abuse hurled at me is emotional and only once had my husband ever struck out at me and hurt me. I have to admit I was surprised at how seriously the police took it! They do a good job and should be praised for it!

  3. ng support for victims of abuse
    Are you a victim of domestic violence and would like to talk about it?
    If you would like to join and get support from others who are experiencing, or have experienced domestic vi…See more
    Domestic violence

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