18 comments on “He said the ‘Q’ Word .…

  1. Brilliantly written. Reminded me of some memorable sets of nights. One in particular where the Q word was used and next thing we have stolen car – pursuit – abandonment – entire shift and helicopter (who were unable to find the outstanding male). It then got left to our resident “land shark” who promptly ran 20ft into the first garden and gave the outstanding offender a good mauling. Felt a little sorry for him, imagining him sat in the bush not able to escape looking at the dog who was sat there staring at him the whole time!!! That only lasted a few micro-seconds before the laughter kicked in!!!!! Fantastic

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  4. We had a land shark used to be sent in first always went for male genital area brought in quite a few crying. Obviously after doing this he always had to go and be tested qnd bless he knew when he in the exam situation as he went for the arm as he should. A very useful gp doggie to have around. Enjoying your blogs bringing back memories and good to know still same in forces in other parts of the country.

  5. You must never even allow the pubic to mention the q word. As a member of the “big boys ” though, you must never ever use the f word either! F for f*tal that is! Pity help the fool that does!! Cakes are only the start of payback for that offence.
    And what is it with full moon’s and bringing out the numptys? Full moon and Buckfast is a dangerous cocktail!

  6. Brilliant, always a bonus when an outstanding becomes no longer outstanding with holes. Chew toy for the Furry Exocet!

  7. I loved this thank you.. I am crying with laughter… (sorry but can I add will you sign )http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/48628 ….

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