2 comments on “A Partner’s Point of View

  1. Nicely written – we do know how hard it can be for partners to put up with the demand and hours – both often uncertain. We know that you put up with it in the knowledge that we/you are serving the public and officers will be well treated at the end of their service. Why would anyone put up with this if Winsor goes through? Search me!

  2. Just to correct you. 30yrs service was changed to 35yrs in 2006 with the implementation of the new pension scheme as well as the move from national training centres to university based training for recruits.
    60yrs old is just what the Winsor report is accepting as being a sensible retirement age for police officers for the reasons you state surroundinnd ss for work.
    Your Hubble has 4yrs left so in reality none of this will actually affect him a great deal other than losing his crtp in a couple of years time.
    For those of us with 30yrs left the reality is that the chances are we will not be allowed to complete our full service to receive a full police pension.

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