2 comments on “Pictures from the March

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    I predict No Riot……10/5 (we arrived) a day to be proud of and even a life saved by a trained and experienced Constable …. a unique role in society to be safeguarded.

  2. Great pictures! Thoroughly enjoyed marching with you, for as much as I know police do a lot of great work, we are aware of some very evil acts, which is why I was walking right out in front of the march, carrying a placard reading ‘POLICE CORRUPTION’.

    My colleague, Ian Puddick, was in the front ranks, and is visible ‘in’ the window on the Police Federation YouTube video at 2.30.

    Ian Puddick was nearly framed for drug dealing by City of London Police in the pay of Kroll Investigations, acting for Guy Carpenter PLC ( whose Chief Executive had been in bed with Ian’s wife ).

    Is’nt it good to know that CoLP counter terror squad can be bought by city cash, and that DS John Ellis was inventing drugs evidence while off-balance in the witness box, being cross-examined by Michael Wolkind QC ( voted best cross-examiner )?

    Great that we are defended from “Terrorists” by men of the calibre of DS John Ellis!

    And I was ruined by Devon & Cornwall Special Branch for exposing Cornish planning corruption ( google fast4truth ).

    I was physically threatened with violence by 3 officers, but had others shaking my hand ( including from Cornwall ), and listening with interest to my story.

    As one said “It’s obvious you are not 136 ( mental ), but it’s more than our pension is worth to say anything to the bosses!”

    And a Sussex PC spent an hour talking to me on the Embankment, in pouring rain much of the time, and we found that we shared common values.

    I have a police report to the CPS by Detective Inspector Colin Draper, which concealed every instance of Cornish planning corruption, and portrayed myself as a “lone nut”.

    As the initial investigation of my complaint had Inspector Weymouth saying “This stinks! I will recommend to the Chief Constable that the case be reopened!”, Draper’s action was an absolute betrayal, and is a very dark stain upon Devon & Cornwall’s reputation.

    And once D&CP destroyed me, the council put a BULLDOZER through the home of the only councillor to support me on that council.

    He died of cancer.

    This is why we support good police, but are aware that good police “turn their faces to the wall” as far as colleagues wrong actions are concerned.


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