3 comments on “Police March 10/05/12 & Mike Pannett Interview – BBC News 24

  1. I am not a policeman, however, I have a number of friends who are police officers and so I am aware of the difficulkties faced by all of our police officers.

    Nick Herbert is my MP. I found his comments on TV descfribing the police protest as “futile” deeply patronising. It was shameful.

    In May 2009 the Daily Telegraph suggested that Nick Herbert MP had used his parliamentary second home allowance to fund his boyfriend’s share of their joint house purchase costs and mortgage. They were not in any form of legally recognised partnership at the time i.e. marriage or civil partnership.

    Mr Herbert purchased his house in March 2006 and the parliamentary Green Book in force at that time certainly did not condone use of taxpayer funds in such a way.

    Would any police officer be allowed to put their “friend’s” expenditure on their expenses?

    Mr Herbert is now Minister of State for Policing and Criminal Justice and, is making decisions that will result in many police officers losing their careers.

    It is not only because of the greed of bankers that we now face massive cuts in public spending – it is also because of the manner in which some MP’s used public funds.

    Our police officers are men and women of the highest integrity. They uphold the law without fear or favour. The integrity of any Minister of State for Policing and Criminal Justice called upon to make decisions affecting the future of so many of our police officers must therefore be beyond reproach.

    We already know that Mr Herbert has repaid some taxpayer funds – but the reason is unclear. In any case, repayment of monies would not expunge the original act that required repayment.

    Mr Herbert has always declined to answer direct questions on this issue. In the local papers he used homophobia as his defence. i.e. anyone who questions the integrity of a homosexual MP must be homophobic.

    The question remains: did he use taxpayer funds to pay his boyfriend’s share of their joint house purchase and mortgage costs in 2006, as the Daily Telegraph suggested?

    If the answer is yes, then how can we bring him to justice?

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