4 comments on “Traffic Troublemakers

  1. great blog!! takes me right back to when I served I can’t believe it nothing has changed.I was on traffic (as it was called then) 18 years and my crew mate who retired well before me started on the department when they still had bells on the front of patrol cars. off topic but we wern’t adverse to ramming cars and bikes to effect a SAFE stop.Happy days I’ll get my coat.

    • I read in ‘Signs of Crime’ by David Powis Met ACC that the recommended way of stopping cars in an unmarked was to draw alongside the car to be stopped ring your bell and stick a piece of wood with 2 registration plates nailed to it with the words Police and Stop out of the window….. was that still in force when you were patrolling I never saw it, yet this book was a suggested read when I was in training school in 1982. Much of the rest was very relevant but this idea always made me chuckle…. how times have changed.

  2. Some things never change, do they?! Sounds appallingly like an operation I was involved in five years ago as well. The problem is we’re all too afraid of being marked out as troublemakers to put in complaints about the way things like this are run. Unless you’re me of course, when you get known for being the one with the big gob. Can’t win!

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