4 comments on “A Police Chaplain’s Message

  1. Dear Twitter mate, please let your police friends know that not all the public are anti police. I had two friend in the Met and another in the West Midlands force and I worried about them all so much. One, a woman, was hit in the face by a drunk she arrested and badly bruised and concussed on one occasion. If you have no contact with members of the police force, you cannot know what the police have to suffer from “the great British public” (hah!). I think that Tom Winsor’s proposals for the police , if implemented , would be an unmitigated disaster for the police and the public alike. In August, Cameron et al could not praise the forces highly enough. How quickly they forget and how ungrateful they are. Hold the line! FizzieLou

  2. Ths wondaful comrade.it has rily encouraged me at ths moment when da govt has nt increased our pay its so sad.tanx so much.

  3. I can only ditto what FizzieLou has posted. Way back one of my best mates (PC Guthrie) was murdered whilst on duty answering a shout in the Midlands. For years as an ordinary member of Joe Public (NOT of the Jeremy Kyle ilk) I have quietly ‘supported’ the Police. yesterday’s events, too sad for words.

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