7 comments on “The Golgafrinchan Theory

  1. Your comments are so true of almost any organisation.As far as the police are concerned , it is a pity that the Chief Constable and his deputies don’t get out on the ground and see for themselves what the problems are.Certainly if I were one of the new commissioners, I would insist that one of them was working on the ground every Friday or Saturday night shift.

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  3. Terrific sense of humour ‘beer-belly sized middle management structure’ and’some Armani-wearing catwalk model wipes a cotton bud on a road surface…and in seconds the offender’s complete… last 12 months’ shopping lists appear on a screen.’
    Wonderful writing. Thanks for the entertainlment.

  4. You rightly commented on empires and their effects on the organisation. Why not consider just the one police service, instead of so many? We’d have one set of suppliers for uniform and equipment, one intelligence system, one crime reporting system,a simplified property mechanism and the same standard across the board. I believe it would save a lot of money in the long term too.

  5. I am smiling from ear to ear. Very well written and explained. I, like you, find simple works for me and there are far too many gatekeepers who have erected gates to keep watch over than is either necessary, efficient or effective. Keep on writing.

  6. What you have described is an organisation with a bureaucratic management structure. The alternative to this is a lot more efficient but also more potentially dangerous: charismatic leadership by a single person or team (could PCCs fulfil this role?). Of course, this is only the case with large organisations. Small ones do not need such formality of structure or indeed a management hierarchy, so with regards to the police I do fear what would happen if calls to form a single nationwide force were heeded.

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