16 comments on “Video Tribute to PC’s Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes

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  2. Oh my the tears are streaming – that was truly amazing and so very fitting thank you for creating and sharing this tribute James xx

  3. Saw many of my colleagues within that video. Never has a most devasting thing happened within my 16 year career and there have been some bad ones.

  4. You can despise us, you can disown us, you can even try and close us down, but you will never break us. We are police officers. We are brothers and sisters. We are UN-BLOODY-BREAKABLE!

    A lovely and fitting tribute, the loss of Fiona and Nicola has been mourned in every corner of the Police family.

  5. Being from west Yorkshire police I didn’t know the two fine Officers who were taken before their time, but after watching this tribute I know that they were very much loved by all that knew them! True heroes! Such a tragedy. God bless to both of you.x

  6. being from droylsden and seeing it deterarate… have the police around is a god send. ladies u do us public proud, live on

  7. I have just cried what a tribute to 2 fine officer’s and colleagues, who are missed every day by all they touched.


  8. What an emotionally inspiring video and the words of the poem so very true. I am not a policeperson. I write so that they will never be forgotten. Please think also of my dear brother, Robert Booth who was in dispatches and took the call that ended their lives so tragically. He is trying his hardest to carry on and i feel for him and the families of the girls. God Bless. Viv

  9. God bless all our police officers they do a marvellous job for very little thanks or reward, it’s time the laws we’re changed to bring about the justice that would help put an end to the scum on our streets that these very brave people endeavour to keep us safe from, thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time

  10. Being married to an ex police officer from manchester and also working in a large custody unit in the city centre, I have found myself devastated by the horrific events over the last week!!! My heart goes out to the family, friends and colleagues of these two shining stars, lives wasted for no reason other than accolade and point proving by someone who can only be described as scum!!!! Sleep with the angels, your names will never be forgotten xxxx

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