8 comments on “Reflection ..

  1. Absolutely superb.
    I can’t write what I would like to on this tragic event, but I take comfort in reading everyone else’s thoughts and feelings. So much of this post is true… And some of the ‘truth’ is too much to write about…
    Wonderfully written … FD :@)

  2. I have just read this and can only say through the tears,I am so very proud of each and every law abiding police officer out there.Just as the armed forces they are there to keep us safe and keep law and order in our country. The scumbags of this earth are just that scumbags who have no respect for anything or anyone and its just a pity that our police officers have to deal with that. I saw that photo too and I thought it was lovely and those two beautiful police officers Nicola and Fiona were watching over them and keeping them safe THEY ARE THE NEXT GENERATION. God bless Fiona and Nicola. BIG respect for our police officers.

  3. The time has arrived for us all to stand up and let it be known, that enough is enough..for far to long the system has pussyfooted about. the Lawyers, judges, politicians have turned a blind eye to the dangers within out society, it is the Ostrich syndrome…ignoring the truth and letting the scum and shit of society run amok. How many more Police Officers have to die, before anything is done..Capital Punishment must be brought back without delay….
    RIP Fiona and Nicola….let us hope your sacrifice has not be in vain.

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  5. An incredibly gut wrenching reminder of how we all felt that day. Well done to the Officer who wrote this. You have done Fiona proud. Remember her.

  6. Such a moving account……….oh why oh why must there be such a sad and sick element in ‘society’. As an ordinary member of J Public, I really do feel enough is enough. How much more does the Police Force have to take and how much more can we sit here helpless and listen to our Coppers being killed by mindless scum. Rest in Peace Fiona, Rest in Piece Nichola

  7. Thank you for writing such supportive and kind comments about my sister. I hope that one day I will have the pleasure of thanking you in person.

    • Vicky, I’ve replied direct to the email you sent me. The text above was actually written by your friend Zo. That said, please rest assured that the thoughts of the whole UK police family, the other emergency services and the great British public continue to be with you, your family, and also Nicola’s – we are all there for as long as you need us x

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