9 comments on “Upholding the Queens Peace

  1. Ummm a mixture of the usual equality diatribe with some intuitive point making and a rather mixed bag of contributers. The most simplistic and least substantive were from you’ve guessed it Teresa May. She can’t resist trying to pull the wool over our eyes can she. In one breath she states that policing won’t be privatised and in the next states that it will only ever be police officers who ‘lead investigations ‘ Note ‘lead’ . And only ever be police officers who ‘direct’ policing operations ….whilst G4S steward a march no doubt.

    Others speak of how we need to be ‘equipped’ to deal with modern requirements. So where’s the money for that then. Nothing about training which is non existent (NCALT rubbish) . Lots of protectionism over ACPO surprise surprise.

    No mention of how to deal with the catastrophic lack of morale. No acknowledgement that some support staff get paid more than officers.

    Some interesting social science in there but I can’t see things improving there. Indeed young police officers seem to ignore abuse and unlawful behaviour which I certainly wouldnt of done in my earlier era.

    Good to hear that we should detract from social work to some degree and stop doing ther job of other agencies.

    Basically we’ve been messed up by useless management and now a Government who can’t resist finally ‘squaring us up’ . Three years left …can’t wait to leave.

  2. Ok I’ve read this and taken the advice not to agree with all that was said!

    Anyway here’s a question…..how much did that cost to publish? I mean it’s not new, it’s a combanation of published articles……so what exactly was the point and why spend the money?

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