1. OMG that was horrific. But gets the very most important point across. Don’t drink/drug drive. Who ever is prosecuted for such acts should be forced to see shush footage staged an real as part of punishment. 😥

  2. Seen previously through work and can’t understand why it’s not shown here! Do the people that decide these things think accidents are all fluffy and Walt Disney cute? No, they are real and graphic like the ones shown here. Stop being so soft with people and tell them or rather show them how it is!

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  4. I agree with McPeel. Powerful, but no more shocking than some of the trash broadcast on TV here. Let’s see something like it in the UK. Now.

  5. It’s going to get worse in my opinion. In our area it’s rife in our rural pubs and restaurants but we can’t do anything to stop it. All the rural coppers have been pulled into the towns leaving sometimes just one officer or at best two out there. They are then too busy dealing with the jobs coming in to be able to sit up and wait for the OPLs.

    We’ve also cleverly put officers out in the rural who don’t know the area and where the pubs are and the best places to sit up. Very frustrating. And the upshot of this is, is that innocent people will get hurt because the drunk driver always seems to walk away from the carnage sometimes without even a bruise.

  6. Good block .. especial with christmas approaching.. we should use video like that up here in the UK. Couple of things to share with you.. one from down south which would be easy to replicate in the UK http://vimeo.com/24156306 and then some other work we love doing https://picasaweb.google.com/117913856009955934321/PoliceCommunications?noredirect=1
    All about not abusing the booze and creating trouble for other, its a waste of police time.
    Best wishes

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