5 comments on “Eyes Wide Shut

  1. I am aware that a large number of my retired former police officer colleagues have decided to ‘spoil’ their ballot papers and return them, as a gesture of what we think of this ill founded scheme and also knowing that the number of spoilt papers have to be recorded and reported, I have done likewise with my postal vote. Maybe others might consider joining our protest – after all it’s still a democracy (just)!

  2. Apparently the details of PCC candidates are on a website somewhere and you can ring a number to get the postal version. Details are brief. Google to find out.

  3. No leaflets through the door, no door knocking.. Nothing here. Quite frankly they don’t deserve my vote even if I was going to!

    Got a senior EDL member standing in the area I work. The twisted side of me would actually quite like to see him win to see the collective panic!

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