12 comments on “Ode to a Road Closure

  1. Well I guess if you have to sit all day stopping people from being stupid you need to do something to pass the time, and what better way to fill the day than produce a charming rhyme.

    See what I did?

  2. And it appears by name of road, you have through poetry your cover blowed! By googling names of those wet streets, you might have given PSB some treats!

  3. I’m trying to think of what to say
    and give my comment in that way,
    but I’m wondering who will for the first time
    spoil this blog and reply without rhyme.
    As for the man with the Audi car,
    well perhaps he will learn that it’s wetter by far
    to ignore the advice of the boys in blue
    than to listen and obey so he can travel on through!

  4. Poor Audi man soon after that,
    thought “Wish I’d not been such a… fool”.

    I have to say dear Mr fuzz,
    Your rhyme’s created quite a buzz.

    It’s seems your talents aren’t restricted,
    to helping toerags get convicted.

    Apparently residents law-abiding,
    In your district aren’t residing.

    Those who cry “I pay your wages!”,
    Must drive you and Pete to rages.

    This kind though, always will exist,
    But don’t take the bait, please just desist.

    For all over this pleasant land,
    Are many folk who understand.

    That your job is one of the worst,
    Always putting public first.

    Whether decent sorts or scum,
    Sirens wailing, you will come.

    For every one that does berate,
    Many more appreciate.

    The job you do, is far from easy,
    And some of your tales leave me queasy.

    But the force is a vocation,
    And you all show such dedication.

    So when the towel, you feel like throwing,
    Rest assured in quiet knowing.

    That most of us are on your side,
    And by the law we do abide.

    So when you’re fed up, through and through,
    Just remember, I’m thankful for you.

    (And when you’re tired of being a bobby,
    You’ll have at least a pleasing hobby!)

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  6. Well that should have Shakespeare spinning in his grave faster than a turbine with a broken governor. Quite good though!

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