4 comments on “The Audi Drivers Revenge

  1. I saw an Audi driver indicating today. Not just once, as if he’d accidentally knocked the stalk, but a few times.

    Was it the same guy, after having an epiphany due to his experience, perhaps?

    The real question though is, will it be business as usual in his shiny courtesy car on Monday?

  2. CU – I suspect that the fact that you were driving a giant blue & yellow chessboard behind him had marginally affected his driving style.

    Like the dear Class 1 instructor taking our (voluntarily enrolled) advanced driving course. “If any of my boys catch you after this it’s your own stupid fault for failing to observe”. Often remembered that when I came across what from a distance looked like a rural taxi and the plate on the back read Driver Under Instruction with 4 occupants in crisp white shirts, and deferred to let them be first to make progress.

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