4 comments on “iPhones and Elephants

  1. Mr Chaos, do you mean to say that the new iphones have a ‘detach from human’ app that the old ones so sadly lacks? If my girlfriend is half as devoted to any kids she has as she is to her iphone I can confidently say she will be the best mother on the planet! Did you know that iphones will break if they’re not used at least once every 5.2 seconds? It wouldn’t be so bad if they were used as a means of communication (albeit one that rudely interrupts regardless of the situation) but it seems that that function is fairly far down the list and has been superseded by utterly inane drivel.

    I personally believe the “stolen” phones are neither stolen nor lost. In fact apple has engineered in a self-destruct app that activates after a given time (probably after it hasn’t been used for over 10 seconds) to keep the poor saps buying new ones and give apple some nice profits… an apple a day keeps the bailiffs away!

    My I sound bitter.


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  3. The problem is; Apple could solve this problem easily. Get rid of SIM cards and make the phone permanently yours with military style encryption. But they don’t care. Every nicked phone is another bought and more profit. The insurance companies should be pushing this issue.
    Even if Find My IPhone was ON by default and the phone could be switched on remotely – crime would drop massively.

  4. iphones are the larval stage for wire coathangers. Think about it… you always have a cupboard full of them but I bet you’ve never bought any.

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