6 comments on “The Meth Effect

  1. what a sad waste of a life…..So far the British government has had the “Just Say No’ campaign, which let’s face it is as much use as “Duck and Cover” advice given for a nuclear attack. To answe the question, “Yes”

  2. Maybe we can see something similar delivered on smoking and drinking, which have equally damaging effects.

    I do like the idea of compiling a personal photo album for many ‘regular’ house guests at the local nick. It could even be used positively for those who have almost turned the corner, and make efforts to change their lives

  3. I think we should show these sorts of videos in schools. I used to work in a school and would often catch students “sneaking out” to smoke cannibis etc, with some students “boasting” about their drug habbits with no thoughts for the consequences they have on their bodies.

    Safe to say though it will probably be a long time coming before it is allowed in schools over here

  4. Shocking! What scares me most is the wide range of ages, old, young and in between and how short some of the time spans are. We should do this here, it may not stop everyone but it would have an effect on some.we won’t do this though as we prefer to pussy foot round here in the UK.great blog and interesting to see how other countries do it.

  5. It’s not just hard drugs that do this.

    Over the last year I’ve come to know an ex-copper who was sacked because he became an alcoholic. Over the last year we’ve had many concern for safety calls to his address and seeing his decline over the past 12 months has been shocking. His ex-wife has put photos up in his house from when he was a copper, a big, strong good looking bloke, trying to remind him of what he used to be.

    Last saw him about a month ago when he had to be nicked for a FTA. His skin was yellow, he was skin and bone and covered in his own excrement. Tragic. And this was from alcohol not any illegal hard drug or illegal substance.

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