9 comments on “Just another job ? Not a chance !

  1. The single patrol strategy I think not, but hey those as SMT level don’t have to deal with this from behind a desk.

  2. What shocked me was that he got only nine months for assaulting two police officers, motoring and drug offences. Presumably he’ll have served five of those or less, and be back to trucking drugs about on his bike. And that’s despite the whole thing being filmed by CCTV and a BBC camera man. What does it take for people like this to be taken off the streets and set digging ditches or breaking rocks? As always: impressed by our police, thoroughly dissapointed by our judiciary.

  3. I’ve seen the bystanders getting a lot of criticism in this case. While some of it is undoubtedly deserved (in particular the mobile phone filming), I suspect in a similar situation I wouldn’t have tried to help either. Not through hatred of the police or because I was enjoying watching the drama or any of the other motives I’ve seen attributed to them – far from it. I’d hate to see this happening and would desperately want to help even if it meant some risk myself. But I’d worry about being a hindrance, a distraction, and making things worse. He was already attempting to restrain the scumbag while protecting his colleague, and protecting said scumbag, and calling for help. If I leapt in he would also have to start attempting to coordinate my inept efforts, preventing me from accidentally injuring any of the three people involved through misguided force, and protect me from a high risk of harm. With that in mind, should I try to help anyway?

  4. The whole show, including the violent arrest of someone for weed, was a case study in how the police generally harass people for minor matters, completely wasting valuable police time.

    • The violent arrest was a consequence of him assaulting a police officer, and he was stopped for speeding (no doubt he panicked when he saw the police car). And it turned out he was dealing in class A too – hardly a minor matter, or a waste of police time.

  5. It’s all there:

    1) black man in possession of drugs with intent to supply;
    2) the barely comprehensible black dialect;
    3) the barely comprehensible PC dialect – a succession of grunts, short sentences and, as panic sets in, the choice words;
    4) the abundance of shaven heads (passers-by and PC);
    5) the abundance of tattoos (passers-by, onlookers and PCs);
    6) the Polish shop;
    7) the distinctly odd and creepy straight jeans-and-long hair-equals-androgeny sporting clutch of indigenes on the corner as the police car turns
    7) the assortment of Asians and various shades of foreigner standing around snapping away and chattering on phones;
    8) the chewing gum-spattered pavements;
    9) the black inspector with a clipboard (you know what I’m thinking and can you blame me);
    10) the reality TV crew and that oh-so-irritating voice of the narrator, who manages to encapsulate every last pathetic and depressing nuance of modern Britain.

    Something very bad has happened to Britain since around 1995 (it didn’t begin there).

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