3 comments on “Holy Tomatoes Batman

  1. What’s most shocking is that your CID would be interested in a wee bit cannabis production! We have hell on trying to persuade our CID to take s.18 assaults!!

  2. Same here. Our CID are currently targeting handling offences! So all the drugs intel we are putting in daily is just ignored…

    Had a very similar briefing for a similar op once. I could actually picture our CID officers as you described yours. Slight difference though, ours like to wear t-shirts which are blatantly one or even two sizes too small but they think are ‘fitted’ and make them look good! We just sit there sniggering like schoolboys in a sex education class.

    One of our ops, like you as we pulled up we could tell it wasn’t right. As we got off the van I managed to shuffle to the rear with no intention of going anywhere near the location! Good decision when the complaint came in and I could honestly say I hadn’t even stepped foot on the driveway let alone enter the house!

  3. あなたはオリンピックサイズのスイミングプールでラップを泳いチームとサッカーを楽しんであるいは単に英国内どこでもあなたのお気に入りの公園や歩道の周りにプレイしているときそれはあなたの物理的な運動であなたの完全なフォーカスを持っていることをお勧めします – あなたの目には楽しんであなたの前にパスの細部あなたの耳お肌がやたらと汗で身体活動を通してあなたの体をクールダウンするために機能してあなたの周りにあなたに近づいて競合他社の足の強烈を監視

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