4 comments on “Reality Bites

  1. Yup. Been there. Done that. Just wondering can this be forwarded on to Fed Reps/PCC/gvt to let them know police cuts really are criminal???? No doubt if so they will have the usual bovine excrement of ‘public perception’ and ‘rare occasion this happens’ but it is not!!!!! This happens far too often I would say once a set for where I work bring sent to violent domestics single crewed!!!!

  2. The world has gone mad , but this is a fact of course you are all totally aware !
    I listen to much the same events night in and out and for some reason we are all surprised by this never ending stream of violence and abuse directed at officers. Sadly I see Lincolnshire’s Finest return sometimes worse for a domestic attendance and with a similar story of abusive matrimonial combatants who then turn on the officer(s). There is only one solution and that is more boots on the ground and the great British Government had better come to terms with the funding that is required. There is no way that any officer should be placed in this position. God knows what could happen if we keep on this downward path !!! Thanks C C for another excellent blog and hope you recover soon.

  3. I never cease being disgusted at the lack of concern senior officers have for the safety of front line officers (except, of course, when they are busy covering their backs or facing a TV camera!)
    I am also appalled that in, the 21st century with all the technology available, there are still so many problems with communications. I do realise that apart from the equipment one also has to take into account the fact that there may simply be an idiot at one end !
    I can only say “Stay safe out there. There are people who appreciate you”

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