9 comments on “#GangnamPoliceman

  1. Reblogged this on Hello you…the blog of Yasmin Selena and commented:
    Thanks to Rebecca Bradley for highlighting this excellent post from Sgt Gary Watts. I swear such has been the intensity of The Era of Hermitude that I’ve somehow evaded Psy and his crazy song right until watching the Christmas edition of Top of the Pops. Seriously, hadn’t a CLUE! But these dudes knew the score and they produced this video to make good on a bet and raise some cash for a wee boy. Happy New Year to you and if you’re feeling the Gangnam vibe, you know what to do. I’ll put you in the capable hands of the fellas in the dashing uniforms of Falmouth : )
    Yasmin Selena x x

  2. I subscribe to Rebecca’s blog and have just reblogged too! In fact that’s the first time I’ve ever reblogged anything. I even went to Google to find out how to do it. Good luck with that infernal song and raising the cash ; ) x

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  4. I am surprised that the readership of the Daily Mail are’nt complaining that the cops should be out catching criminals!¬! Of course this good news police story hasn’t been reported in the Daily Mail because it doesn’t fit their government backed anti-police agenda 😦 Well doen to all concerned, and good luck with the fund raising for Joshua 🙂

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