4 comments on “Helicopters, Hounds or Horses

  1. The error on this blog is that dogs are great for sniffing out drugs … but should the government legalise them, so many dogs would be made redundant ! ….. #passing thought

  2. It’s horses for courses… (see what I did there?!).

    On a busy high street at pub and club kicking out time there is nothing like a dog to ‘encourage’ the good people to go home. And when entering a huge warehouse in darkness after the alarms have gone off, knowing you’ve got a snarling and growling (and that’s just at you!) dog with you is invaluable.

    At the same time, there is nothing like a helicopter for covering huge amounts of land when you are trying to find a high-risk misper or that birds eye view when you’ve got a car making off.

    Seems to be we are loosing both, X-Ray Alpha is but a warm fuzzy memory but when you call a dog they are 20-30 miles away…

  3. This depends on which area of specialist support has the highest ranking sponsor. If you have the right sponsor, well this makes the ride a lot, lot easier. At the CCTC the jockeys have the lucky seat whilst the dogs have been subject of radical and total re-organisation that has produced nothing positive apart from financial savings lauded as better efficiency.

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