8 comments on “Good Man Gone #StandForPaul

  1. As a retired bobby, I do not always agree with your sentiments, but I cannot fault your use of prose, well written Constable Chaos, keep up the good work. A sad day for Pauls family who also number the rank and file of what I too like to say were the finest police force in the world.

  2. I found Paul exactly as you describe him – willing to talk and never criticising. He was calm when I was angry, realistic when I was over-ambitious, conciliatory when I was destructive. We were opposite ends of the scale and I admired him hugely for his commitment, empathy and massive, massive intellect. I may not have liked his approach to many things – not radical enough for me at times – but you know what? He understood mine. That’s the difference between a successful and respected Fed man and a noisy, sometimes funny, but rarely successful rabble rouser like me.

    Rest in peace, my fellow Met skipper. The world is a vastly poorer place without you.

  3. I’m not British, and I’m not a policeman, but I do feel sad that as good a person as this has gone. He seems to have good qualities that are very rare in govenment.

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