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  1. Thanks for the email, great reading. I know the government wanted to bring more accountability to police forces by jntroducing the PCC’s

    How can they and the government justify the significant costs of the PCC office eg chief executives, deputy and assistant chiefs etc when the old police authority had less staff yet managed to function effectively?

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  2. Its nice to know that although we thought the Winsor proposals were bad, ie an increment pay freeze until April 2014, the Government have decided that isn’t enough and increment pay rises have now gone.
    It will now mean that officers working side by side will be on different wage scales for the rest of their careers, and with a pay freeze plus maximum of 1% pay rise to come for the next few years, although I don’t earn enough to claim benefits, as a family of four we,re struggling big time now. We tend to buy food that’s near its sell by date as its cheaper, as a family we don’t smoke or drink, the last pair of shoes I bought was 4 years ago, and any clothes I buy now are from charity shops. No holiday for three years, and as we’re falling behind with the mortgage now, not likely to have one in the foreseable future.
    With a disabled child I really wish now that I’d taken all the benefits we would have been entitled to at the time, but silly me though that if I carried on working along with my wife then we’d pull through.
    Instead this Government have done all they can to destroy not only Policing but also officers; they nearly succeeded in getting rid of me, but I’d miss the family too much, but as soon as I can find another job now I’ll be gone; the shift work is not family friendly, and neither are the wages now, or going to be.

  3. Hello Chaos,

    I for one totally agree with you regards to one police force,
    I work for a non geographical force, as for crossing the county line, I could potentially end up in either of the following areas –
    Metropolitan Police, City Of London Police, Kent Police, Essex Police, Sussex Police, Surrey Police, Hearts Police & Thames Valley Police to name a few, All with different systems that we do not have access to and different ways of doing things!

    I would think it would be those at ACPO level that would have the objections not the officer on the beat.

    • Whilst on the topic of saving money we in West Midlands Police have been told by the Government that we must save another £100 million by 2015. That £100 million is in addition to the £126 million we were ordered to save last year. So in short that’s a total of £226 million quid slashed from our budget by 2015. All our Forces bosses keep telling us is that we can still ‘Provide more with less’ …….Really? REALLY!? I mean what total nonsense is that!? At the end of the day all you get with less is less. If a football team could only afford 9 outfield players would the manager still be telling the fans don’t worry we can achieve better results with less players? No of course not. I honestly believe that senior ranks in all forces just keep telling themselves this utter boll**ks over and over again until they actually believe it. And besides that if the chief gobs off about it saying what cobblers it all is he’ll no doubt be made to quietly seek ‘early retirement’ and disappear ……. and we can’t have that because that’ll effect his chances of a knighthood!
      My force although having to save this money have decided to waste £3.5 million quid on stab vests …. even though the ones we have now are absolutely fine. That £3.5 million pounds could be spent on more or better patrol cars or dare I even say it recruiting new Police officers … just a thought. But then again we haven’t recruited for over 4 years in WMP so there’s not much chance of that is there …. the new stab vest I note is reflective and not black like the present one …… I genuinely believe that our so called senior officers think that by sticking us in reflective stabbies and having us walk around like giant packets of quavers will fool the public into thinking there’s more of us about than there actually are ….. £3.5 million spent on an illusion gimmick …. no doubt some aspiring HPDS Chief Inspector who’s never done a day on the streets came up with this one whilst holding the chiefs golf clubs ….. still as long as it benefits him/her (see what I did there equality fans?) and increases his possibility of getting his Supts crown what’s a couple of quid here and there eh?

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