3 comments on “And the beat goes on …..

  1. You’re right, there’s a lot of ‘another bloody domestic’ sentiment amongst coppers. I do it myself. Sometimes I catch myself doing it and I know I shouldn’t.

    But really there are SO MANY people who call us for no reason other than they want a reference number so they can get some more free shit from the council, or because they just want to use us to get back at someone they’ve had an argument with. And there are so many spineless bureaucrats in charge piling pointless pro forma on top of pointless risk assessment for us. And every person who rings us up and demands that we report a load of old pony just provides background noise that makes it easier for genuine victims to get lost in the shuffle.

    It’s a sad fact of human nature that if the last ten such incidents have been a load of meaningless bullshit, you’re not going to be excited about the eleventh. We shouldn’t think “another bloody domestic” but it’s a tough old mindset to get out of.

    Sigh. One day someone will realise that happy and motivated people who feel like self-actualising, responsible adults make better coppers than miserable downtrodden bastards. I can only dream.

  2. “They don’t normally lift the woman you know” Well in my case they did, and on reflection whatever it was that caused the Police to call by brought matters to a head after years of being subjected to a stack of verbal outbursts, destruction of parts of our home, and some events that left me marked and bleeding. 2 weeks before the arrest it was a 26 minute tirade that was witnessed by a caller 6 months earlier a glass fruit bowl had been smashed on my head leaving me to go to a meeting (fortunately with a change of shirt) with a bloody cut on my head.

    I do miss the other half of what could be a great team, but in the depths were a nadir, especially when she had a ‘low’ and turned to a bottle of wine, assisted as I later discovered by raiding the collected classic (read irreplaceable) whisky store.

    Thing is that this broken family thing seems to run through her relatives and siblings a sort of accepted result because your brother/sister/mum grew up the same way. How we break that cycle – who knows?

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