7 comments on “Would You #MarchAgain for #CutsHaveConsequences ?

  1. Communities throughout the UK are concerned about the way that public service budgets are being managed and it is highly likely that a groundswell of opinion would support a demonstration of this concern in relation to Police services, however, I’m not convinced that the Police Federation is the organisation to seek the support of the public.

  2. What’s the point? We keep protesting, telling them on surveys how morale has hit rock bottom, but they don’t want to know!
    Your better off just planning your escape route! What sad times we live in

  3. …. about the only time the public will see any of you lot of public-payroll parasites, out on the streets

    • These “public payroll parasites” patrol 24/7 given the impossible task of trying to be “all things to all men” whilst constantly being verbally (and physically) swiped by people like you. This constant assault and criticism eventually has the effect of eroding the police service to the point that it is indeed ineffective and inept. Perhaps then there is some truth in the old saying “the public gets the police force it deserves…

  4. (yawn)

    “Ant “? Do they call you that because of your ant-like IQ

    … or because every time you are called to step up to the plate, you whine ; ” I c’ant”!

  5. YES Society marched in 2012 when we were uniformed officers and now as civilians we would still support former colleagues and march again simply because you cannot truthfully do more with less.

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