8 comments on “To Carry or Not To Carry – That Is The Question

  1. Having just moved to Firearms from patrol … I find it very strange not to be attending all calls.
    Whilst on patrol no one every grabbed my kit … so why should they try as an AFO?
    But on the other hand .. We do need to be able to drop everything to respond to a firearms incident.
    We are the only officers that have the training and capability to attend and deal with firearms jobs … All officers can attend any call.
    Why not apply the same theory to CID or other ‘office based’ jobs.
    There will be more officers in an office that can be put back on front line that using AFO’S to fill the gap.
    But if the call is urgent and needs someone to attend .. then yes, common sense should prevail.
    I know in my force, we attend ‘less confrontational’ calls regularly…

  2. I’m an MOP who’s had virtually no contact with the police. Though I do know 5 officers.
    If I call the police I’m only bothered about speed of response and that they’re competent. I’d be happy if armed officers arrived when someone’s driven into my car, for example.

    Having spent some time in Eastern Europe (nearly 20 years ago) when all the police were armed, I’m not concerned about armed police in the UK. We’re a long way from it, but I would support the routine arming of all police officers – or at least, tasers for all officers and a firearm in a gun safe in every car.

    Why does every ‘should all police have guns’ debate turn into ‘the country will turn into the US’? Australia and Germany arm their officers, and have not gone to US-style gunfights!

  3. Tuesday last services on the A303 Two officers entered McDonalds to collect what I assume was their supper whilst still wearing their sidearms

  4. Trust you with firearms?

    Most real people wouldn’t trust you bunch of Argos security guard rejects with a box of dead matches.

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