22 comments on “Love Thy Neighbour

  1. I found my allergies suddenly acting up after reading this… Only affected my eyes too…

    You guys are amazing ❤

  2. this is the problem of a lot of elderly too proud to ask for help and where neighbours if more concerned could help.

  3. how lovely, what an inspiring story, hopefully it will get people thinking about their own family. I live 100 miles from Mr grandparents who are both in their 80’s but visit them as often as I can. Sadly my grandad has just passed away but I saw him only a couple of weeks previously & I’m so glad I did. I think people forget about the older generation yet they are the one’s who fought for us to have the lives we have now. Thankyou for sharing this xxxx

  4. Damn you Chaos, you had me blubbin at that one! I just hope it’s my town that you work in.

    PS: How do you contain your disgust when having to engage with vile entities like Dereks neighbours? #EverTheProfessionals

  5. Well done, proper old style policing. It’s what the nasty prty don’t understand “no more, no less than cutting crime” Idiots this is what the job involves.

  6. I spent 8 yrs as a special constable and gave and got support from pcso,although they dont have full powers on paper we all have the power of speech..full damn credit to all of those involved..

  7. Glad there are people like Derek and the men from the council still around. (And of course their wives)Nice story.

  8. Given the last crudely sexist comment about “Tracey”, I wonder how your mate would have reacted if instead of a dear little old man (and my heart did go out to Ernest) it had been a single mother struggling on benefits who was getting baracked by a bad-tempered guy next door. But what do you care: obviously in your eyes women don’t deserve help and support from the police.

    • Hi, you actually have a very good and highly valid point for which I do out my hands in the air and apologise.

      The use of a female persona at the end was deliberate, and in my mind when writing intended to offer balance to to primarily male complainer in the majority of the article, and intended to suggest both male and females can cause high demand on services. Clearly, having read it back now with fresh eyes after your pointing out what should have been blatantly obvious it was a massive fail !

      The challenge therefore was, do I amend the paragraph and redress the balance back the other way which would detract from the strength of feeling (and accuracy) of your comment, or … leave as is and perhaps cause an unintentional offence to others in the same way.

      On the basis most people who read my blogs also appear to read the comments, I’ve gone for the ‘amend the text and hope that people will read your comment and subsequent explanation’ route.

  9. I thought how proud I felt reading this story you guys are legends and hero’s it just takes a moment of kindness to make someone’s life better well done

  10. Just finished reading this.

    Someone must be chopping onions somewhere close by. Yeah, chopping onions.

  11. Something that had always left me feeling irritated is those who believe in their rights for this and that to the exclusion of everyone else. Having rights in civil society means that we also have responsibilities too. Such things as helping a neighbour, or thinking twice about calling 999 (for something that is not an emergency) and wasting resources. It so often seems to be those who you really want to help are the most humble and usually not wanting to be any trouble.
    All the best.

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