3 comments on “Staples and Sticky Tape

  1. You and most police officers know that your article is simply ‘Common Sense’ however you and the majority are unfortunately not the decision-makers and those that are choose to either bury their heads, pass the buck or deny there is an issue in the first place HOWEVER don’t stop writing these blogs as it helps keep the majority sane because they will know that, at least they are not alone in acknowledging the bigger picture. Ps. The same crazy buying restrictions impact heavily on Fire & Ambulance too AND I understand that some MP’s make a lot of money from these business practices!

  2. Nice one Chaos! All terribly familiar but you did forget to mention about the rubber bands and Tippex.
    One is used to pull disparate things together and the other is outstanding at facilitating a cover up.
    In case you’ve ever wondered why despite there being millions of CCTV cameras in use across the UK, and an industry that has been growing exponentially for a number of decades ( nearly typed decays there!), t’s still quite rare for an officer to turn up at an incident and find that the security camera footage is exactly what they need to solve the crime, apprehend the villain, or disprove the existence of a northern european Sasquatch.
    We live in a world filled with “difficult decisions”, which in a practical sense often means that those very very hard working custodians of the purse strings, don’t know the answers, don’t have the nous to ask someone that does, and so if all else is lost, best to sell it off and reduce the deficit.
    Consequences come cheap when the person making the decisions doesn’t have to pay for them, particularly when with the passage of time, they’ll probably have moved on to a better job, and those left behind ( if of course there are any left behind ), have to find a way to ‘Keep calm and smile’.
    It used to be a funny old world, but these days, I’m really not so sure …..

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