3 comments on “Rural areas pay the price of police cuts

  1. The full impact of today’s dangerous under-funding in British policing, if not being felt by a good percentage of the population already, will in time impact on everyone’s safety and quality of life. Criminality in the UK will spiral out of control and any attempt to redress the situation in the future will take decades and monumental re-investment to attempt to correct. Today’s policing does requires radical reform/investment to cope with the ever changing face of crime and to simply maintain current levels of law & order, but for a person in authority to even suggest that significantly reducing front-line police officer numbers was the way forward, (whilst our population grows out of control too), would not only insult the public’s intelligence it would pose the question as to the suitability of such a person being in a position of authority in the first place!

  2. “Under funding”, nothing.

    If you put monkeys to do a job, then no amount of money chucked at them will make their performance any better than one would reasonably expect from monkeys.

    Underfunding or overfunding – they will still be monkeys…..

    …ignorant and stupid and not worth one damned bit of bloody good.

    “Constable Chaos”?

    Constable Pans Troglodytes, more like.

    (Hint:this is the part where you proceed to jump and down and jabber and throw faeces at the screen)

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