4 comments on “Chasing the Dragon

  1. Sadly an all too familiar story with partners quick to palm off their responsibilities on the police it seems.

    Whilst it is dangerous to assume, given everything you had available to you and lack of third party support I don’t think you were wrong to plan for the worst.

    Still, better outcome than it could have been I guess.

    Looks like Policing is more social worker and medic than law enforcer now awadays.

    Hats off to you all for what you do, you don’t have my envy, but you do have my respect and thanks for carrying on despite the poor treatment.

  2. Very well done to all who have to work under these awful conditions and still do a brilliant job! Thank you so much.

  3. Great to read this as an aspiring police constable. Stumbled across this blog post whilst bored in my 9-5 office job and will be reading the rest of the blog shortly. It’s great to get an honest insight into the role. Keep it up (the work and the blog)

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