About Me

Greetings dear visitor, and welcome to yet another website full of the ramblings of another over-tired, over-worked and over-stressed member of the front line

Who am I ???? very good question. I may be a he, I may be a she, I may be somewhere inbetween. Where am I ???? Bigtown of course !! you must have been there – it’s that awful place outside the front door of your police station – a place so scary that no-one who resides above ground floor dare even look out of the windows for fear of what they may see or hear.

Anyway, there are many other ‘Copper’s Blogs’  out there so I’ve tried to do something a little different on this one.

The site is always ‘under development’ but please feel free to let me know what you think, and any (sensible) ideas you might have for added features to make your visit even more enjoyable. Click ‘Contact Me’ in the top menu and get form filling (we all love another form to fill in don’t we?)

Names, places, times, events, and yes indeed, even facts may not be real; they may,if they were, have been amended so as to prevent to any connection being established with persons, living or dead, places, events, incidents, crimes, hippopotamuses (or is it hippopotami ??) or anything else that may be considered a breach of anything. Consider this site for entertainment and amusement purposes only.

Ohh and finally …… if you happen to be visiting this site as a member of the press or one or another Professional Standards Department:

  • The views and expressions here are simply mine and do not represent those of any Police Service, Force or Constabulary (other than of course the Chaos Constabulary but I make the rules there anyway !!).
  • Nothing on this website could be used to identify individual cases police officers are dealing with anywhere in the country or reveal anything that could compromise an ongoing investigation nor identify a person, location, present or past matter which required police involvement. Nothing on here relates to anything that is not already in the public domain.
  • Nothing on this site (and it is checked regularly) could be construed as ‘Causing Disaffection within the Police Service’ – most conversely this site is now considered one of the most cohesive methods of ensuing police officer unity. Humour is, as they say, the best medicine
  • None of the names of people or places mentioned herein are real and indeed this entire site must be a work of fiction – after all, none of it could be real could it ? …..
  • Just to repeat, this site is purely for amusement and entertainment – to give a bit of a morale boost in hard times if you like. Don’t take anything as gospel !

One comment on “About Me

  1. i was pensioned off after being seriously injured in the line of duty, In the days before we had plastic PCSO’s to replace police officers. At the time I was as mad as hell about it. Now looking at what has happened to a job that I was proud to do, it seems that event did me a favour. I would join again the job I joined. I would not join the job I left and far less the job it has become.

    I salute those who continue to serve despite the Force (sorry not PC), I must have meant Service (the hell I did)and everything it used to stand for, being totally destroyed.

    I wish all my former colleagues well in their attempts to fight this treason. At least now as a member of NARPO i can read about what is being done to them and not have to suffer it myself.

    Best of luck. You’re all going to need it.

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