7 comments on “Door Breakers and Dog Poo

  1. Good job boys & despite what the ‘powers that be’ throw at us – it’s good to hear that ‘bobbies humour’ is the same across the country.

  2. As a virgin to your blogging I have to congratulate you on an excellent read! Keep them coming…in fact write a book! Very funny.
    And as a community midwife myself I can totally empathise with your frustrations of no house numbers…..could we start a campaign to make it the law!!

  3. (Yawn)

    (BIG, bloody yawn)

    Poor syntax and grammar aside, you just have NO writing skills whatsoever.

    You do not know how to express yourself in a cogent fashion, there is no sense of balance, rhythm, suspense, counterpoint …… you really do write like a child.

    A 13 year old dummy from some crappy comprehensive trying to sound clever.

    No doubt, you skinny graduate failure, the rest of the plod in your immediate vicinity, down there in rural Kent, Argos security guard rejects one , think that you are a genius. A real Geoffrey Chaucer

    You are a joke.

    PLEASE keep “writing” though! You are priceless, you dolt. I have seldom laughed so much. 🙂

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